Czech company formation

Establishing a new tailor-made company in Prague, Czech Republic A tailor-made company is a company that will be established according to your needs. FIVOKA provides comprehensive professional services related to the establishment of a new company and guarantees the incorporation of the company and its registration in the Commercial Register within approximately 4 working days.

Why with FIVOKA:


  • Guarantee. We guarantee the ultimate successful registration of your trade license i the Trade Register. In the case of fail, we return 100% of the price.
  • Speed. It takes up to 4 days to start your business in the company of your preferences.
  • Convenience. We solve everything in one place during one meeting.
  • Reliability. Trust is important for us. We help entrepreneurs to run their businesses successfully already since 2008.
  • Experience. Our experienced professionals will consult you about all the steps that should be done after the registration. We have developed and time-tested approaches for all the operations.
  • No administration. You can fully concentrate on developing your business and let the professional company take care of administration.
  • No risk. Your trade license is registered under applicable law.
  • Integral Services. Apart from the registration of the trade license, we are helping our clients to operate with minimum cost. We can help you to get business or personal loan/mortgage,set up insurance right for you and your business and to cut your bills.

We can incorporate the following types of companies:

OSVČ – self-employed Freelancer

This is form suitable for individual who doesn’t need to have business entity. Would you like to do business in any kind of crafts in your free time and combine it with your regular employment? Don’t you want to deal with complicated accounting? Would you like to run business and pay lump sum tax? For you, it makes no sense to found a limited liability company.

There is no need for capital. On the other hand, you are fully responsible for your business activities and risking with your property in case of committing a crime or fraud.


Společnost s ručením omezeným s.r.o.

(limited liability company – most preferred type of company)
is usually used by small and medium sized businesses and it is a popular form of business, due to its requirements. It can be established either by one founder (person or legal entity) or by an association of maximum 50 persons.

Minimum capital is 1 CZK = 4 euro cents


Akciová společnost a.s.

(joint stock company)
Requires at least two shareholders or one corporate body, a managing board which is controlled by a supervisory council. There is also a demand for a higher minimum share capital, of 2 million CZK (75 500 EUR).

The prices include all fees and comprehensive services connected with the establishment of your new tailor-made company:

initial consultation

Do you want to establish a trust fund with us? Ask for a free and non-binding consultation.