Estonian company formation

Establishing a new tailor-made company in Tallinn, Estonia. Private limited company (OÜ) is the most commonly used form of entity for doing business in Estonia. Minimum share capital is 2500 euros. A shareholder is not personally liable for the obligations of the company. A private limited company is liable for the performance of its obligations with all of its assets.

Why Estonia?

  • Income tax is 0 %
  • Profits are not taxed until they are distributed as dividends or deemed profit distributions
  • Distributed profits are generally subject to a 20% corporate income tax (20/80 on the net amount of profit distribution)

How much does establishing a s.r.o. in Estonia?

VAT. The threshold for obligatory registration as a taxable person is EUR 16,000. The threshold for taxable person with limited liability in case of acquisition of goods is EUR 10,000. There is no threshold in case of acquisition of services.

  • Execution of the necessary documents and their revision by lawyers
  • Establishment of a company by a notarial deed trade license
  • Entry of the company in the Commercial Register
  • All necessary extracts
  • All fees and remuneration of a notary public
  • Aegistered seat of company in Tallinn for 1 year

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